Commander McBragg

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Commander McBragg is now located at the Hydroplane Museum in Kent, WA

This boat is a 1912 George Crouch stepped hydro-plane.  It was built by David Berg from the drawings on page 98 of D.W. Fostle’s book Speedboat.

This boat is planked with red cedar and with African mahogany decks.  The hardware was all custom made by the builder

This boat served as a testbed for the 2 4bbl marine V12 Jaguar engine. The original engine was a modern V12 Jaguar converted into a marine engine by making custom water jacketed manifolds. It was also changed from a fuel injected engine into a 2-4 bbl intake manifold system.

The Jaguar was replaced with a 1936 Ford flathead marine V8 motor which was the original engine intended for this boat.

Commander McBragg won awards at the ACBS 2001 Coeur d’ Alene boat show for “Most Unique”, “Best Racing Runabouts – Gentlemans Racer” and “Sheriffs Award”.


  • Year:
  • Engine: 1936 V8 Ford flathead marine
  • Fuel: gas
  • Length: